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A Mini Excavator Can Be The Perfect Tool For The Job

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Many construction jobs need to have some excavation done on them. That's a normal part of the job. However, it can be a problem regarding the space for the excavator to come in and do the digging. Excavators can be very large, their footprint is pretty large, and they need a lot of room to work. However, there are other options. One of them is to use a mini excavator. 

Mini Excavator 

This piece of equipment is just like a regular excavator, just sized down. It can generally do the same kind of work that a standard excavator can do. It can't necessarily dig down as deep as the larger ones do without having to be in the hole that is digging, but it does excel in other places and for different reasons. 

Tight Turning Radius

One of the places that a mini excavator excels is in its turning radius. It doesn't need as much space to turn around on its tracks, nor does it need a lot of room for the upper part of the excavator to turn around so that the bucket can be emptied out and then turn back around to the workspace. That tight turning radius can be a real benefit when the space is tight because the mini piece of equipment will be able to fully extend and move without the risk of damaging anything else in the area. 

Easily Transportable

Another place the mini excavator works well is in transport. Excavators, no matter their size, aren't legal to drive on the roads, which means that they have to be put on a trailer hooked to a truck and then pulled to the following job site. Transporting a piece of heavy equipment can cause some problems. For example, the roads around the job site may not be wide enough for the truck and trailer to deliver a standard excavator, or they may have weight limits, and a regular excavator may be too much for that weight limit. A mini doesn't have those same issues. They are able to fit on a smaller trailer that can fit through narrower streets and streets with a lower weight limit. 

Any construction job, from your home reno to the building of a skyscraper, has excavation work as part of its process. A regularly sized excavator isn't always going to be the right tool for the job. 

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