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Considerations When Thinking About Purchasing And Installing A New Boiler

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Is your current boiler on its last legs? Does your business have a growing need for more heat or steam than you are currently getting from your existing boiler? If so, you might be looking at your options and moving towards new boiler installation. The actual installation is a task that is best left to a professional, but there are also other considerations to keep in mind before the new boiler is put into place. Here are some tips to keep in mind in order to make sure your new boiler is ready to operate as intended on day one following installation.

Talk to Your Boiler Supplier or Installer About the Right Size and Placement for Your Needs

If you are looking at a new boiler because your business has grown and your operations now require more heat or more steam than you are currently getting, you will want to talk to a boiler supplier or professional installer about your options for the future. You may need a larger boiler than what you currently have, and it's possible you might even need to move the boiler location within your basement or warehouse in order to get it to fit. If you do need to relocate the boiler to a new position within your building, you will also have to look at the relocation or installation of new piping and other system-critical equipment that will get the boiler hooked up safely and allow efficient transportation of the heat or steam throughout your building.

You ideally want to future-proof this purchase so that your new boiler will last your company for a long time, even if your heat or steam needs continue to increase in the coming years.

This is a Good Time to Take a Look at Pipe Insulation

If your energy costs have gone up and you believe it's because your old boiler is not operating efficiently, that may be the case, but it's also a good idea to check your main pipe's insulation. If the boiler's piping is not properly insulated, this will lead to heat loss as it attempts to transport the boiler's output to wherever it needs to go. A new boiler combined with new piping insulation can lead to a significant reduction in energy costs for years to come, even if you now have a boiler that is outputting more steam or heat.

Create a Contingency Plan for How Your Business Will Operate While the Old Boiler is Being Removed and the New One is Installed

Finally, before you schedule your installation, figure out if your business can remain operating while the old boiler is taken out and the new one is installed. Let your installer know if time is of the essence and they may be able to send additional help to get the new system up and running more quickly.

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