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Keys To Successfully Vacuum Forming Plastic Parts

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One of the more popular manufacturing methods for plastic parts is vacuum forming. It's reliable and can create a lot of complex plastic parts. As long as you use these tips throughout this manufacturing process, you'll end up with the right plastic parts.

Make Sure Quality Clamping Mechanisms are Used

In order for vacuum forming for plastic parts to be a success, plastic sheets have to remain clamped in a frame. If this doesn't happen and there is movement, then you'll probably have defects in your results. Or, you may have dimensional issues that you don't want.

Start vacuum forming off right with plastic sheets by making sure the clamps are capable of keeping these materials in place throughout the entire vacuum forming process. Test the current clamps that you plan on using with plastic sheets to see if they will give you the best results. If there is movement, then you'll want to find better clamping solutions.

Invest in Cooling Fans

Once plastic sheets have been wrapped around molds and enough air has been vacuumed out, then you need to let the plastic materials cool off. This will be a lot easier to do if you invest in cooling fans that can speed up the cooling process.

They'll blow cool air evenly over the plastic sheets that now have the shape and dimensions of the mold you used in vacuum forming. As long as you set these cooling fans upright, you can complete vacuum forming a lot faster compared to without them.

Utilize a CNC Machine for Material Trimming

Even if you think you have refined your vacuum forming procedures with plastic sheets, there probably will still be excess materials left behind. It's important that you remove them so that your plastic products are shaped correctly. 

Completing this step is a lot easier to do when you rely on a CNC machine. It can deliver quicker and more precise cuts than you could when removing excess material to leave behind a finished product. You can automate these machines too so that you don't really have to do anything but set up the plastic product that you're trimming.

Plastic products can be manufactured in a lot of ways, with vacuum forming being one of the most reliable options for plastic product companies today. If you make the right preparations when using this manufacturing process, it won't disappoint. For more information about plastic part manufacturing, contact a local manufacturer.