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Dealing With A Problamatic Air Compressor? Get Yours Repaired Before You Replace It

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If a commercial air compressor is an item that is used daily around your shop, and your air compressor is having complications, it's worth trying to get it repaired before replacing it. A lot of people don't realize that all machinery needs maintenance done, and if you have neglected the machine, the problems may be an easy fix. Here are some of the things to consider when you meet with the mechanic to discuss the machine that you use regularly and need in the shop.


The internal components of the compressor need to be cleaned and could need some lubrication. Tubes can be cleaned out, the motor can be checked out, and the pressure of the hoses can be tested. Get the machine tuned up so it works better in the shop.

Cost of Replacement Parts

Once the mechanic determines what is wrong with the air compressor, they can tell you the cost of the replacement parts and also the expenses for labor. You will have to figure out if you are willing to pay these costs to replace the parts and what condition the other components are in. If the mechanics think that the unit is in overall good condition, then replacing the parts may be worth it.

Value of the Unit   

Ask what the value of the unit is. If you think that you want a new unit, you still may want to fix the old unit so you can sell it to someone else and put that money towards the new unit. If with the tune-up and replacements, the unit is like new, you can try to get many more years out of the unit. Some retailers may also have a trade-in program, where you can trade the old unit in towards a new unit after it's been repaired by the experts.

While you are at the mechanic, you may want to ask if you can get different accessories that will help you use the air compressor more efficiently and that will help you accomplish the necessary tasks inside of your shop.

Replacing machinery can be an expensive cost when you are a business owner, and it isn't always something that is in the budget that you have set. If you are dealing with this problem and you don't want to buy a new air compressor, contact a mechanic that offers air compressor repair to see if your machine and can be fixed.