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Protect Yourself Properly As You Start Your Firefighting Career

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If you've recently been accepted as a firefighter, it must be a dream come true for you. But before you can head out and join the crew on your first job, you'll have to make sure you are properly protected. Most firefighting units will provide at least some essentials like protective gear for the team, but you can add additional protection by dressing in flame-resistant apparel underneath all of that safety gear. Don't head out to a fire until you are properly equipped with the following gear from either your firefighting company or from your own personal purchases. 


Most firefighting companies will supply a helmet and other mission-critical gear like a mask to shield yourself from smoke. You may be able to provide yourself additional protection by wrapping your hair in a flame-resistant bandana or headband. Don't forget eye protection like safety goggles as well.


Firefighting boots may be provided by your station, but if you need to buy your own and get reimbursed later, look for boots that rugged enough to handle any terrain but not so heavy that they will weigh you down as you are moving through a dangerous site. Paying attention to comfort is also key, as you might be spending most of the day on your feet. You can offer yourself additional protection by wearing flame-resistant socks or leggings underneath your pants. Make sure your leggings or pants are tucked into your boots so there is no opening for the flames or smoke to get through.

Safety Vests

Most firefighter jackets are yellow or another bright color so that people can see you coming. But you may be able to supplement this gear by investing in a safety or reflective vest. Worn on the outside of your clothing, this gear will give off a reflective light that will make you easier to spot when you are moving through the smoke and flames. This could be especially important when fighting a fire under rough conditions at night.

Upgrade to Fabric That Keeps You Safe But Also Dry

The latest flame-resistant apparel does more than just keep the flames at bay. Today's most up-to-date fabric technology is also great at keeping moisture from either sweat or water at a minimum. The best flame-resistant apparel is both tough but also breathable, allowing you to stay cool and dry underneath all of those clothes as you push yourself through the fire.

Contact a flame-resistant apparel company like Oil & Gas Safety Supply or have your firefighting station reach out to upgrade your work gear today.