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Three Benefits Of Switching To A Wireless Barcode Scanner For Your Business's Inventory

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If your business is still using a bar code scanner that requires a cord attached to a device for your inventory, you need to consider using a Bluetooth barcode scanner. There are many advantages to using this time of scanner for your inventory. The following are a few of the most important highlights.

These devices provide quick feedback

There are always occasions between a complete inventory count that you do each quarter or perhaps the end of the fiscal year. A manager may notice that there is a discrepancy between what your business should have on the shelf and what is actually there. One employee, with only a wireless, Bluetooth barcode scanner, can scan the product on the shelf, then go looking at other areas of the building for products unaccounted for, such as returns or damaged inventory that were not properly processed. This type of device allows for a quick assessment of the shrinkage of your inventory. If you have a retail business, it can help you identify products that may be more susceptible to theft. You can then work on better security measures for this particular product.

These devices save your business money

Cutting costs can increase profits as much as increasing sales. To this end, a wireless portable scanner will lower the cost of taking inventory because of the speed that a single employee can scan products on the shelves. The entire process is slow when a cord is attached to a workstation that must be moved around as the inventory is scanned. Even a laptop or notepad may slow down the inventory process when hard to reach places must be accessed, such as a high shelf. A faster time to complete an inventory assessment translates into a lower labor cost.

These devices can still be used outside of their range

You may think that the range of a wireless scanner is a disadvantage, but this isn't true. While it is true that in order to send information to the host device, the Bluetooth scanner must be within range of the device, these scanners have memory, so if you choose to scan inventory that is out of range of the host, you need only scan everything into memory. When the device is in range of the host, the data is sent as a batch to the host. Because of this feature, they can be used in warehouses with a large square footage of storage space.

Although the host device in your business must be able to receive a Bluetooth radio signal, there are many devices capable of doing this. Among them are smartphones, laptops, and notepads. You can also integrate a Bluetooth scanner with a PC. Once you have this in place, your employees can be easily taught in minutes how to use the handheld scanner.

To learn more about Bluetooth barcode scanners, consult a resource in your area.