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Tips To Save Your Business Money On Toner Cartridges

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If you run a business that needs to frequently print out lots of receipts, reports, or other documents, chances are good you probably go through a lot of printer ink. If you are starting to feel like your toner cartridges are beginning to put a dent into your bottom line, it might be time to take action. Here are just some of the ways you may be able to reduce your toner expenses.

Turn Off Color Printing on Most Printers

If you have a big office, you probably have multiple printers throughout the building. If you are allowing anyone to print anything at any time, you might be using color ink when it's really not necessary. It's possible on most modern printers to turn off color printing as a viable option. You could also just remove the color toner cartridge altogether if the printer will still run without it.

Restrict color printing to specific printers closer to the manager's office so you can keep an eye on who is printing what. Save the color ink for important customer-facing reports and start sending out internal company documents in just black and white. You can also adjust quality settings so that the printer uses less ink to achieve what will likely still be a very similar result.

Stock Up On Cartridges Before You Need More

Some suppliers that sell toner cartridges offer discounts for large or bulk orders. Don't wait until the low ink warning light comes on before you order more. Buy multiple cartridges at a time and you will also be able to choose the cheapest shipping option if it's coming from an online store instead of having to rush the order because you are running out.

Switch to More Efficient Printers

Has it been a long time since you have replaced your printers? Are you still using multiple inkjet printers instead of laser? Perhaps it's time to upgrade the entire office to a more efficient printing system. You will then be able to find a printer that makes efficient use of your preferred toner cartridges, allowing each one to last longer and make more copies or print outs than before. Yes, replacing the hardware is expensive, but many print suppliers sell printers at a discount because they know they'll make up for it on the cartridges over time.

Contact a local print supplier today to discuss how to streamline your printing process or stock up on toner cartridges.