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5 Different Methods For Applying Industrial Coating To Metal Substrates

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Industrial coatings are used in a variety of industries for a wide variety of different products. Metal products, which are known as metal substrates, are often coated with a variety of different industrial coatings. More often than not, these coatings are designed to help control and prevent corrosion. Some coatings may help protect the metal from damage when exposed to particular chemicals, and other coatings help protect metal from stress cracks.

When it comes to applying an industrial coating to metal substrates, there are a few different processes that are used. The right process depends upon the metal substrate and the coating you are using.

Method #1: Hot Dipping

With the hot dipping process, the metal object is taken and it is dipped right into the coating. The part is completely submerged in the coating, allowing all sides of the metal object to be evenly coated. Hot dipping is most commonly used for objects that need to be effectively coating on all sides or for objects with really odd structures that would be difficult to properly industrial coating to using other methods.

Method #2: Brush Coating

With brush coating, the necessary industrial coating is applied to the metal object by either brushing or rolling the coating onto the object. Essentially, the industrial coating is painted onto the metal surface. This application method is commonly used when applying an industrial coating to an already existing metal structure. This application method is also commonly used on simple metal surfaces.

Method #3: Liquid Spraying

With liquid spraying, the coating is applied using a liquid spray tool. This process is similar to airbrushing paint onto a surface. The coating is applied using the force of air to the object. Liquid spraying is often used for metal objects with lots of crevices that make brush coating difficult.

Method #4: Powder Spraying

Powder spraying is different than liquid spraying because instead of using air to help apply the industrial coating to the metal object, an electrostatic charged is used to apply the coating to the metal object. An electrostatic charge helps to ensure that the object is evenly coated. Powder spraying or coating is often used for large and dense metal objects.

Method #5: Electroplating

With electroplating, a special process that involves the use of ion plates is used to help apply industrial coatings to metal surfaces. The ion plates change the ionic composition of the surface of the metal, making it more difficult for the surface to get damaged and making it easier to apply a coating to the surface.

When it comes to applying an industrial coating to metal substrates, there are various methods that can be employed based on the size and shape of the item that needs to be coated. An industrial coating and paint solution business can help you find the right coating and application method for your metal object