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Personal Protection Equipment That Every Welder Needs

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Welding is a complex job that requires great concentration to perform at a high level. It's also a job that poses safety risks to even the most experienced worker. If you want to make sure you and your employees remain as safe as possible while in the welding shop, you will want to stock up on the right welding supplies in order to promote a safe work environment. To that end, here are just some of the options you should consider when purchasing personal protection equipment for your welding shop.

From the Head Down

It's fairly common for your employees to lean over the welding equipment and gaze intently at their work as they go about their jobs. This makes the individual's head particularly vulnerable to flying embers or other particles while on the job. Safety headgear is one of the most important things you have on hand for your welders.

Welding helmets completely cover an employee's face and neck while work is in progress. Welding can sometimes give off radiation and these helmets are designed to protect an employee's skin while on the job.

There may be some scenarios where a full helmet is not needed or makes it too difficult to see while doing very precise work. This is why you should also keep smaller gear like face shields, safety glasses, or goggles on hand.

Keep Your Hands Nimble But Protected

A welder's hands are critical to their daily work. Your employees will want to remain as nimble as possible while maneuvering materials but it's also critically important to protect the part of your body that will come closest to touching the flame. Invest in some heavy-duty welding gloves that are flame-resistant while still offering flexibility. It could help to order gloves of different sizes because some employees might have smaller hands than others, especially if you have female welders in your shop.

Aprons, Jackets, and More

While your head and hands are the two most critical areas for a welder, it's a good idea to give your employees some full-body protection. You can invest in a flame-resistant jacket and also add an apron on top or underneath it for some additional protection. Welding aprons can, in fact, start at the chest and go down to the legs, offering flame resistance over the full length of your body. 

While you're at it, don't forget a good pair of work boots and a face mask or respirator to protect your lungs.