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3 Reasons To Use Modular Construction When Building A Power Plant

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Consumers and commercial entities alike all depend on power multiple times throughout the day. Power plants are critical in converting power to its usable form and distributing this power across a reliable grid network.

The importance of power plants means that extra care and consideration should be given during their construction process. Safety, timing, and cost-efficiency are among the top priorities for anyone commissioning a power plant.

Using a modular construction approach could be beneficial in helping to produce a viable power plant that takes these priorities into consideration.

1. Off-Site Construction

One of the benefits that modular construction offers is the ability to construct most components used in the building of a power plant in a factory setting. Individual components are built to exact specifications in a controlled environment, then shipped to the construction site via rail or semi-trucks.

Fewer anomalies will arise when the individual components are constructed in a controlled setting, and problems can be addressed quickly and efficiently thanks to the easy access to the tools that a factory provides.

2. Reduced Labor Force

Staffing any large construction project can be a challenge. Fewer people are entering the skilled trades, which can make finding the right workers for your power plant construction project very difficult. This is especially true if the power plant is being constructed in a rural area.

Modular construction allows you to reduce the number of workers needed on-site to erect your power plant. The skilled employees in a factory can do all of the specialized construction, leaving only basic assembly to those working on-site.

It's easier to source a few assembly workers than multiple skilled craftsmen, so you can greatly reduce your staffing efforts when you take a modular construction approach.

3. Reliable Completion Schedule

Staying on schedule is a challenge that most project managers face when overseeing a large construction project. Modular construction can help you increase the reliability of your power plant's completion date by compressing the construction schedule.

Significantly less work needs to be completed on-site when modular construction is employed. There will be no cutting, welding, or fabrication on-site, which can reduce the potential for delays.

You will be able to more accurately predict the completion date for the power plant when you use modular construction, and this can allow you to schedule other construction activities within the power plant more efficiently to get the plant up and running in as little time as possible. For more information, contact a power plant construction contractor.