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AGM Or Flooded Batteries: Which Work Best For Industrial Applications?

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Many options exist for industrial rechargeable batteries. Often, the choice will often come down to industrial AGM batteries or flooded batteries. Here is a look at the difference between the two to help you decide.

Wet and Dry Battery Types

Both types of batteries are lead acid batteries. This means they contain an electrolyte that produces electricity. The main difference between industrial AGM batteries and flooded batteries is that one is a dry type while the other is a wet type, respectively.

Wet and dry refers to how the battery's electrolytes create electricity. Wet cell batteries place electrodes into an electrolyte solution. The most familiar type of wet cell batteries are car batteries. By contrast a dry cell battery makes use of an electrolyte paste, rather than a liquid. These dry cell batteries have use in most modern electrical appliances and devices.

Flooded Batteries

A flooded battery isn't complicated, and they're generally a cheap option. In industrial applications, price can play a large role, so that alone can make a flooded battery seem attractive. Additionally, flooded batteries can come in very large sizes, which can also appeal to those who look for capacity as their primary concern.

To maintain these batteries, you must watch the fluid closely. For example, in cold environments, the fluid can freeze. The fluid can also evaporate. You will have to use water to keep the fluid at the proper levels. At the same time, too much liquid can lead to issues with the battery cracking or exploding.

Also, you need to show care with these batteries because they contain corrosive acid.

AGM Batteries

AGM or Absorbed Glass Mat batteries hold the electrolyte liquid in a mat that will only ever have the right amount of liquid to create a charge. This makes AGM batteries both lighter and safer to use.

Since these are dry cell batteries, you can orient them in any way you choose without fear that you will leak or spill liquid. AGM batteries don't require regular maintenance other than routine recharging.

An AGM battery can sometimes cost a little more than a comparable wet cell battery. However, the functionality, maintenance-free operation, and longer lifecycle of these batteries offset the cost greatly. In almost all applications, industrial AGM batteries will give you superior performance.

Usually, if you must choose between a flooded battery or an industrial AGM battery, you should strongly consider the AGM battery. Speak with a professional dealer of AGM batteries about your industrial application to find which AGM battery type will work best for your needs.