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How Restraint Systems And Warehouse Doors Work

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When unloading and loading a vehicle at a warehouse dock, one of the concerns is that the vehicle might move and create a safety hazard for the workers. For this reason, it's important to use warehouse dock restraints. By doing so, the vehicle will remain in place. It will also be more difficult to steal the vehicle.

Engaging the Restraint System

Make sure to confirm that the vehicle restraint system is in place and operational before you begin moving cargo into and out of the warehouse. There are some restraint systems that are automatic, while others require manual operation. 

Different Types of Restraint Systems

One of the most common types of vehicle restraint systems is the powered restraint system. These are more common because they are more convenient. If they are manual, they are operated by pushing a button. If they are automatic, they are part of an integrated dock system. 

Manual systems are less expensive. They come with a rod that a worker needs to manually operate. However, a manual system can still work with a light communication package that allows for workers to know when the restraint is engaged.

Light Communication Systems

When the vehicle restraint system is used, the system usually uses a communication light. The light is used to make sure that the restraint is engaged. The light is used to help the driver know when it is safe to drive away from the dock. 

Without a vehicle restraint system, workers can fall into the gap in-between the vehicle and the warehouse, which can lead to injury or serious death. To use the vehicle restraints effectively, you should consider using brightly-colored tape so that it is easier for the drivers to see where they are supposed to go. The best color to use is yellow because it is an international color that indicates "warning." 

Warehouse Doors and Foot Traffic

Minimize the amount of traffic into and out of the dock and truck. The more traffic, the more likely that one of the workers will become injured. One way to minimize the amount of traffic is to use warehouse doors. Doors are best used in combination with safety barriers since forklift operators can be put in danger even if the overhead door is closed. Cameras can also be useful when using warehouse doors because they allow workers to know what is on the other side of the door.