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Three Ways To Get Your Concrete Needs Met

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Concrete has so many applicable uses. It makes slab foundations, driveways, sidewalks, walkways, footpaths, and more. When you want concrete for a specific project, there are additional options, such as the type of concrete, and how to get it. The following shows some types of concrete, as well as how to get the concrete delivery you need. 

Ready Mix Concrete Delivered in Bags of Powder

If you do not need a literal ton of concrete, you can get bags of powdered concrete delivered to the work site. From there, this concrete can be mixed with water in small to medium batches and used to quickly fill potholes, post holes for fences, and sidewalk slabs. Most of the time these powdered concrete bags are adequate enough for small projects. This concrete also sets very quickly, making it the ideal choice for any project you want completed and completely hardened within hours. 

Small Batches Delivered and Ready to Use Upon Delivery

These small batches of concrete are delivered in temperature- and humidity-controlled barrels so that the concrete inside cannot harden before it is used. This is a common method of delivering and using concrete during colder months, when conditions might not be ideal for mixing concrete on the work site. Order as many barrels as you think you will need, but be careful not to waste any. You are charged for what you order whether you use it all or not. It is better to order slightly less than what you think you will need, and then order more barrels of ready to use concrete if you find that you need more. 

Medium to Extra Large Batches Delivered Via Cement Mixer Truck

When people think of concrete, this is typically what they envision. However, concrete delivered via cement mixer truck is reserved just for medium to extra large batches of concrete. You need a lot of concrete for a very large project before your concrete contractor will order a cement truck to deliver the concrete.

This truckload of concrete will also be responsible for continuously mixing and distributing concrete by the shovel load out the chute of the truck. Concrete workers have to work quickly to evenly distribute this much concrete over the area where the concrete is supposed to go. If it helps to think of how much concrete this usually entails, think of a very long driveway or a short street.