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Things That Your May Need To Call A Boiler Service For

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Boilers are a great source of heat and hot water and in many new homes, the boiler is the only heating and domestic hot water system in place. The system is very efficient but if it breaks down, you need to have a service tech come check it out as they can be complicated to work on.

No Hot Water

If your boiler suddenly stops making hot water, the system may need a reset or the burner may not be getting enough fuel. The first thing you need to do is reset the controller on the side of the burner and see if the system comes back on. Sometimes air in the fuel line will cause the burner to shut off, and other times the situation is worse. 

If the burner does not come pack on, the burner may need a new part put on to replace the faulty one. Determining what is not working is a job for a technician and is typically not too difficult. 

No Heat

If you are getting hot water at the tap but the heat is not working, the boiler may have a bad circulation pump on it. The circulation pump mosts the hot water around the loop, delivering water to all the parts of the heating system to warm each room.

In large homes, there are often several circulators on the system and the heat may be broken into multiple loops to allow for changes in the temperate in specific areas of the home. Multi-loop systems often use several controllers and several loops to make the most efficient use of the water and the system. 

New Burner Installation

Building a new home or replacing the heating system in your old home with a newer, more efficient heating system is a great way to reduce the costs of heating your home. Because the new systems will use less heating oil to fire the burner in your system, the cost is lower. 

In some homes, a burner designed to burn a blend of heating oil and kerosene may be installed, but keep in mind these systems are more costly so they will need to lower the operating cost substantially or the price may not matter.  

If you are installing a new boiler in an old house the job might involve running new plumbing lines and you may need to hire a plumber for that part of the job. Most boiler service companies have a plumber on staff, so check with them before you hire another one.

For more information, contact a boiler service in your area today.