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About Recycling Metals For Your Purposes

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Whether you are looking for a way to go out and make extra money, or you work in the construction field and are looking for a way to turn your scrap metals that would be a waste into money, you should get to know the ins and outs of industrial scrap metal recycling. This is a great way to earn money whether you have your own scrap metal readily available to you or you have to go out and seek it.

Have a few supplies at your disposal

There are some things that you want to have with you when you are looking for scrap metal to recycle. Not only are these supplies going to help keep you safer when you are searching through metal and other materials in search of metals, but they are also going to help the job be easier for you to do.

You want to have steel-toed boots to protect your feet, work gloves to protect your fingers and hands, something to put the scrap metal in, and a magnet to determine whether a metal is a ferrous or a nonferrous metal.

Know where to find metal

Look all around you when you are in just about any environment and you may find all kinds of things that contain metal or are made from some type of metal. From wires that have coating over metal to appliances that have metal components inside of them, there is metal just about everywhere.

If you work in construction and you are doing a tear down, then you may find things go easier if you make notes on the different things you can get metal out of that you will be able to recycle. If you don't work in this type of field, you can still have a relatively easy time getting your hands on metal.

Sort out the nonferrous metals

You may want to recycle all types of metals. However, if you really want to increase the amount of money that you will get from your recycling efforts, then you should put more attention to scouting out those nonferrous metals that pay more. The nonferrous metals are ones that tend to not stick to magnets. This is what your magnet is going to come in handy for.


Recycling metal is an easy way for you to make yourself a bit of extra cash. However, there are a lot of people out there who also make a career out of industrial scrap recycling, so you can get what you want out of it.