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Need To Rent Scaffolding? 4 Tips To Ensure A Problem-Free Project

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If you've undertaken some home improvement projects that will require access to your roof or attic space, you need to rent a scaffolding system. Extension ladders work well for minor projects, such as cleaning your gutters or repairing the lower edge of your roofing material. However, for larger projects -- especially those that will require you to climb onto the roof -- scaffolding is the safer option. If you've never rented scaffolding before, here are some tips that will help you avoid problems. 

Plan Your Project Properly

If your project is scheduled for this winter, you'll need to take steps to plan accordingly. Winter can be a tricky time to schedule home improvement projects, especially where scaffolding is concerned. Snow, ice, and rain can make the work surface slick on your scaffolding. Not to mention the fact that mud can make it difficult to obtain the proper stability for your scaffolding. Before you set your rental scaffolding up, be sure to check for potentially inclement weather conditions. If storms are approaching, it's best to postpone your project until the weather clears. 

Identify Your Scaffolding Needs

If you're going to be using scaffolding for your next project, be sure to identify your needs in advance. There are different types of scaffolding for you to choose from. You'll want to choose a system that will provide you with maximum space and stability. 

Mobile Scaffolding

Mobile scaffolding has attached wheels that allow you to move your platform throughout the project. 

Fixed Scaffolding

Fixed scaffolding is stationary and will remain in one location unless disassembled and moved. This type of scaffolding comes in two specific types: independent and putlog. 

Hanging Scaffolding

Hanging scaffolding is attached to the building and can be raised and lowered as needed. 

Ensure the Proper Safety Equipment

If you're going to rent scaffolding for a home improvement project this winter, ensure that you have the proper safety equipment. Your scaffolding should have safety guard rails to prevent you from falling off the platform. It should also have toe rails to keep things from dropping onto the heads of anyone who may be under the scaffold. In addition, your scaffold should also have safety harnesses for added protection against falls. 

Give Yourself Additional Time for Completion

Finally, if you're going to rent scaffolding, give yourself additional time to complete the project. Include at least one additional day in your rental agreement. That way, you have enough time to complete your project without rushing yourself. After all, rushing through a project increases your risk of accidents and injuries.

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